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Service Scope
> ASME Service MORE >

In December 2010, it was officially authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering

> NBIC Service MORE >

The NBIC Committee is responsible for the maintenance and revision of NBIC. In 1995, the NBIC Commission decided to extend the scope

> PED Service MORE >

Through our global strategic partner Technick á inpenpekcia, a.s. Qualification for authorized inspection of EU directive PEDX, SPVDU...

> MOM Service MORE >

The Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore (MOM) has approved us as an overseas inspection agency

> DOSH Service MORE >

We use our knowledge and experience in boiler and pressure vessel specifications to provide relevant services for major international boiler

> CUTR Service MORE >

There are 61 categories of products, including pressure equipment, that fall within the certification scope of the Russia-Kazakhstan Customs

> Australia Service MORE >

Australian regulators require that design validation be performed by a competent organization in the field of specifications or standards

> New Zealand Service MORE >

Pressure equipment exported to New Zealand is subject to design verification by an approved organization and inspection

> Third Party Inspection Service MORE >

Since its establishment, ASI has provided a third party witness service to meet the ASME requirements of the welder, the welding process

> Training Service MORE >

To help increase our understanding of the specifications, we offer a wide range of training courses to enable your company

> Legal Standard MORE >

> Resource Centre MORE >

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