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Business Introduction

The only local ASME authorized inspection institution in China

 In 1979,China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute was approved by the State Council of China to establish and approved by the State administration of quality supervision and approval of special equipment inspection, identification, evaluation of the comprehensive body; is the national Production safety inspection and administration granted by the State administration of safe manufacturing Grade A qualification testing organization is China's only professional engaged in special equipment inspection and testing and technical research of the State-level technical institutions.
In order to meet the needs of the domestic boiler pressure vessel manufacturing industry, to strengthen cooperation with the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) and The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) to participate in international testing market competition, 2009 China Special Inspection Institute of the State Administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine approved the establishment of special inspection ASME Technical Inspection (Beijing) company (referred to as csei-asme), and December 2010 officially received the American Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the American Association of inspectors Authorized, To become China's ASME Authorized inspection Agency (AIA), and in accordance with the ASME Code I, IV, VIII-1,-2, 3, X and XII volumes to carry out the relevant product inspection business, the manufacturer to take the card replacement service and according to the NB-360 standard boiler pressure vessel construction process of the third party inspection, In May 2014, authorization was obtained for the ASME Code I, III-1, III-3, IV, VIII-1, 2, 3, X and XII covering nuclear facilities.

The largest and most powerful team of personnel

Currently registered in the Csei-asme of authorized inspectors (AI) a total of 146 people, which authorized the Non-nuclear Director Surveyor (AIS) 30 people, authorized nuclear Inspectors (ANI) 22 people, authorized nuclear Director Surveyor (ANIS) 3 people. They are located in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, autonomous region of the special equipment inspection agencies, are registered in China authorized inspectors most of a testing body, these authorized inspectors have a wealth of inspection work experience and experience, complete qualification, business proficiency, foreign language proficiency, they can be competent ASME product inspection work, can also be competent domestic manufacturing supervision and inspection work, and to the nearest to provide our customers with convenient, fast, high-quality, efficient service, can save valuable time for our customers, reduce related costs.

Rapid development of inspection performance

Since the establishment of the CSEI-ASME, as a new force in the ASME Inspection market, the inspection business has achieved rapid development, At present for more than 200 enterprises to provide ASME boiler pressure vessel manufacturing forensics, inspection services (including S, U, U2, PP, T, etc.), for new/renewal ASME certificates applications for more than 200 enterprises, and boiler, pressure vessel standard products supervision and inspection services .For nearly one hundred enterprises, Inspection products include industrial boilers, reaction vessels, heat exchange containers, cryogenic containers and storage containers. Third party witness services are provided to meet ASME requirements for welder assessment, welding process assessment, and third party accreditation services to meet ASME requirements for NDT personnel. Third-party inspection services for non-stamped products as required by ASME specifications, as well as audit and approval of quality assurance systems and procedures for the enterprise, and review of design and calculation documents to meet ASME specifications. All services have been recognized and praised by the enterprise.With the rapid development of China's economy, China's boiler pressure vessel manufacturing enterprises obtaining ASME Certification and the production of ASME specifications of the number of products more and more. Relying on the technical support ofChina Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute and China Boiler Pressure Vessel Standardization Committee, CSEI-ASME will gradually obtain more international authorized qualification, provide more comprehensive technical service for enterprises, ane help enterprises to produce more and better products that conform to the corresponding standards, boiler pressure vessel products,in order to  meet the needs of the vast number of users and markets.

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